Little Flower

This flower belongs to the Indian Gooseberry tree, commonly known as Amla, with powerful medicinal properties.

The fruit is also peculiar. When you eat it raw, it tastes so sour but after sometime, it tastes sweet. Similar to true words, they feels so bitter but, it’s actually much sweeter than the poisonous lies.

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Yellow Rose

A Yellow Rose

The yellow rose signifies friendship, joy and good health. Friends bring happiness and joy in life which is essential for good health.

If a friend is to life, the yellow rose is for a friend.

Bearing the optimistic shades, it adds warmth to life. The yellow flower is always for good wishes.

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Wonderful Blossom

Mirabilis jalapa

The flower is recognized scientifically as Mirabilis jalapa. The name derived from a Latin world, Mirabilis meaning wonderful.

And why it should not be called wonderful, when we human beings act so lazy to be punctual, the nature shows us a realistic portrayal of punctuality.

The flower blossoms around four in the morning and evening.

Pink Rose 🌹

The pink roses stand for femininity, elegance, refinement and sweetness. They can have different meanings on the basis of shades too. A deep shade conveys gratitude, appreciation, recognition while, light shade conveys grace, gentleness, joy and happiness.

These blossoms look much merrier on the plants instead of being plucked.