It’s not very often that we wake up early in the morning but, if we do, it’s so calming to walk barefoot on the grasses full of dews.
This post is about those tiny drops.

Dews are small droplets of water mainly found on the soft grass blades during mornings.

When the air above cold ground comes in contact with it, the air condenses and a thin layer of dew forms upon the surfaces.

Due to dew cover on everything, it gives a shiny appearance to the surrounding, called hoar.

Some people harvest these droplets as they are the source of pure water. To harvest these dews, ancient people of Ukraine used large piles of stones and the people of England used dews ponds.

These dews are beneficial to the ecosystem too. They prevent the plants from drought up to a little extent by reducing the rate of transpiration and by reducing the heat stress. These dews can be directly absorbed by the plants, especially in the desert areas.

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The White Flowers

The white flowers pure and peaceful always.
As the colour associated with light, goodness, innocence and purity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. It also represents a successful beginning.

Jasmine officinale

However there are about ten types of jasmine this one is the common jasmine, Jasminum officinale and is well known for its intense fragrance. It is a five-petaled white flowers with slightly fuzzy and pointed leaves. They generally bloom in summers. These are grown commercially for the production of essential oils. They are well used as decorations for archways and entryways.

Nicotiana alata

The flower, as resembles to jasmine and due to intense fragrance is known as jasmine tobacco or sweet tobacco. Scientifically known as Nocotiana alata. These are the ornamental flowers.

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The Sunset Sky

One of the most beautiful moments to capture is the sunset sky.

But, not always sky creates beautiful patterns similar to life, which also not always gives beautiful moments. Like the pandemic we suffering from. But, before that we had a peaceful life.

Here’s one such post:

Clouds and refracted sun rays.
It’s all reddish now😍😍
Just few impressions of sun left, evening now.

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The yellow flowers….always joyful…

Yellow Oleander

Scientifically known as Thevetia peruviana or Cascabela thevetia. This flower is native to Mexico and Central America. It is ornamental and has a pleasant smell. But, each and every part of this plant is poisonous.

The Damiana

Scientifically known as Turnera diffusa. This flower is native to United States, Central America, Mexico, South America and Carribean. The flowers are small and aromatic. It has a good medicinal value. It is used to treat mental disorders, depression and many more.

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About Sun🌞🌞

Sun, the epitome of energy, the one responsible for life and all. It’s with amazing radiance and warmth.

Just a ray of sunlight😍

A ray of sunlight, sharp and aimed. That should be what our efforts for our goals for success.

It really took a lot to click such a pic😅😅

Morning starting with a beautiful click, I must say🤭🤭

They are beautiful, but not too much to wake me up every day as each of them fall on my face. But, appreciate its warmth….

The colours, colours….many colours😂😂 making the sunlight….

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The Sky, More an Art

I have no words to say this time🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️….Watch yourself….

How the sky slowly completes its painting😱😱…


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The Mesmerising Moon

And who doesn’t believe a smile is the most beautiful thing!!!😊😊

The sun hasn’t gone away till now, his beams are still getting dispersed through the sky. It’s a beautiful meeting of the sun and moon.

The beamish smile of the moon will surely bring a beautiful curve on your lips….

And hope you able to see a tiny star witnessing your smile😇😇….

The brilliant blue sky and the silvery shiny moon❤❤

She’s half and incomplete but actually in preparation of her full appearance.

The same is life, it’s half and incomplete, but actually preparing for a goal.✌✌

Neither my lens and neither the words are enough to describe the nature and its beauty but, yeah an effort and a try.😁😁

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