Garden Blooms

Salvia splendens

The plant is commonly called Scarlet Sage or Tropical Sage has its origin from Brazil. It is one of the popular garden plants.

The plant is commonly called the Crown of Thorns or Christ Plant or Christ Thorn or Corona de Cristo(Latin America) or Coroa-de-cristo (Brazil) has its origin from Madagascar.

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I find these blossoms so lively and just beautiful

📌Roses are the ultimate symbol of love. Different colour of rose signifies different feelings and emotions.

📌There are about 100 species of rose.

📌Rose bushes can grow upto 7m tall.

📌About 4,000 songs are dedicated to rose!!!

📌The black rose actually does not exists rather it is dark reddish crimson colour.

These are the fresh garden roses, have a look:

Have a look at these pictures too.

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The White Flowers

The white flowers pure and peaceful always.
As the colour associated with light, goodness, innocence and purity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. It also represents a successful beginning.

Jasmine officinale

However there are about ten types of jasmine this one is the common jasmine, Jasminum officinale and is well known for its intense fragrance. It is a five-petaled white flowers with slightly fuzzy and pointed leaves. They generally bloom in summers. These are grown commercially for the production of essential oils. They are well used as decorations for archways and entryways.

Nicotiana alata

The flower, as resembles to jasmine and due to intense fragrance is known as jasmine tobacco or sweet tobacco. Scientifically known as Nocotiana alata. These are the ornamental flowers.

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The yellow flowers….always joyful…

Yellow Oleander

Scientifically known as Thevetia peruviana or Cascabela thevetia. This flower is native to Mexico and Central America. It is ornamental and has a pleasant smell. But, each and every part of this plant is poisonous.

The Damiana

Scientifically known as Turnera diffusa. This flower is native to United States, Central America, Mexico, South America and Carribean. The flowers are small and aromatic. It has a good medicinal value. It is used to treat mental disorders, depression and many more.

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The Little Flower

Can you guess this little flower??? Must see how innocent it looks among the stalks of many leaves.😇😇

This flower belongs to the Indian Gooseberry tree, commonly known as Amla, with powerful medicinal properties.

Emptiness, without the flowers….

The fruit is also peculiar. When you eat it raw, it tastes so sour but after sometime, it tastes sweet.

Similar to the truth spoken, it feels so bitter first. But, it’s actually much sweeter than the poisonous lies.

The moral- If you want to be natural, you should know the nature first.

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The Yellow Rose

Heyy!!! Will you be my friend??🤗🤗….

The yellow rose signifies friendship, joy and good health.

The chronology- Friends bring happiness and joy in life which is essential for good health.

If a friend is to life, the yellow rose is for a friend.

Bearing the optimistic shades and so adding warmth to life.

The yellow flower be for good wishes always.

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The Wonderful Blossom

The very punctual blossoming flower…the name 4 ‘o’ clock as suggests itself….

Here is a flower, recognized scientifically as Mirabilis jalapa. The name derived from a Latin world, Mirabilis meaning wonderful.

And why not, here we human being so lazy to be punctual these days, the nature showing us a realistic portrayal of punctuality.

Hoped at least we could learn.

The flower blossoms at 4 in the morning and evening.

The Pink Rose 🌹

A pink rose as if thanking the nature for such magnificence. It has a graceful presence on the plant among the thorns. It doesn’t want to be gifted to a human or to be used as decorations.

The pink roses stand for femininity, elegance, refinement and sweetness. They can have different meanings on the basis of shades too. A deep shade conveys gratitude, appreciation, recognition while, light shade conveys grace, gentleness, joy and happiness.