I find these blossoms so lively and just beautiful

📌Roses are the ultimate symbol of love. Different colour of rose signifies different feelings and emotions.

📌There are about 100 species of rose.

📌Rose bushes can grow upto 7m tall.

📌About 4,000 songs are dedicated to rose!!!

📌The black rose actually does not exists rather it is dark reddish crimson colour.

These are the fresh garden roses, have a look:

Have a look at these pictures too.

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The Yellow Rose

Heyy!!! Will you be my friend??🤗🤗….

The yellow rose signifies friendship, joy and good health.

The chronology- Friends bring happiness and joy in life which is essential for good health.

If a friend is to life, the yellow rose is for a friend.

Bearing the optimistic shades and so adding warmth to life.

The yellow flower be for good wishes always.

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The Pink Rose 🌹

A pink rose as if thanking the nature for such magnificence. It has a graceful presence on the plant among the thorns. It doesn’t want to be gifted to a human or to be used as decorations.

The pink roses stand for femininity, elegance, refinement and sweetness. They can have different meanings on the basis of shades too. A deep shade conveys gratitude, appreciation, recognition while, light shade conveys grace, gentleness, joy and happiness.