I find these blossoms so lively and just beautiful

📌Roses are the ultimate symbol of love. Different colour of rose signifies different feelings and emotions.

📌There are about 100 species of rose.

📌Rose bushes can grow upto 7m tall.

📌About 4,000 songs are dedicated to rose!!!

📌The black rose actually does not exists rather it is dark reddish crimson colour.

These are the fresh garden roses, have a look:

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Orange Rose

Orange rose

The orange flowers symbolise energy, joy, positivity, harmony, charm and creativity.

As it is the colour of rising sun, it depicts growth and progress.

The orange roses are related with feminine charm and attraction.

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Yellow Rose

A Yellow Rose

The yellow rose signifies friendship, joy and good health. Friends bring happiness and joy in life which is essential for good health.

If a friend is to life, the yellow rose is for a friend.

Bearing the optimistic shades, it adds warmth to life. The yellow flower is always for good wishes.

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Pink Rose 🌹

The pink roses stand for femininity, elegance, refinement and sweetness. They can have different meanings on the basis of shades too. A deep shade conveys gratitude, appreciation, recognition while, light shade conveys grace, gentleness, joy and happiness.

These blossoms look much merrier on the plants instead of being plucked.