A good collection of clouds…

Also, read some facts about clouds below.

📌At any time about 67% of the Earth’s surface is covered by cloud.

📌There are about 10 different types of clouds.

📌 There is a method to induce rain from the clouds called cloud seeding. In this process, clouds are sprinkled with silver iodide or dry ice from a plane to cause condensation of water droplets leading to rain.

📌 Noctilucent clouds are those which appear only after first star is seen and so are also called night clouds. They are very rare. They appear as silvery blue or reddish orange.

📌Clouds are considered lucky in Iran.

📌 A cloud formation in horizon in UK is considered to be unlucky.

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Evening Sky

Slowly light scatters everywhere…small patches of colour among clouds…
A part of sky and clouds blazes in red…
Finally, it’s ash-coloured clouds…

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Sun and Clouds

It’s a spectacular moment when the clouds try their level best to win over the sun, but, the sun, as always shines and just shines.

No matter how much dense and dark are the clouds, the sun glitters…
Sometimes he hides behind clouds…
Never gives up…
He reappears…
Finally, he sets in to come up again with a brighter day.

Life is also the same, you have to face challenges and be stronger to achieve whatever you want to.

As a sun never stops shining, you should also never loose hope and keep trying.

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The Sunset Sky

One of the most beautiful moments to capture is the sunset sky.

But, not always sky creates beautiful patterns similar to life, which also not always gives beautiful moments. Like the pandemic we suffering from. But, before that we had a peaceful life.

Here’s one such post:

Clouds and refracted sun rays.
It’s all reddish now😍😍
Just few impressions of sun left, evening now.

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About Sun🌞🌞

Sun, the epitome of energy, the one responsible for life and all. It’s with amazing radiance and warmth.

Just a ray of sunlight😍

A ray of sunlight, sharp and aimed. That should be what our efforts for our goals for success.

It really took a lot to click such a pic😅😅

Morning starting with a beautiful click, I must say🤭🤭

They are beautiful, but not too much to wake me up every day as each of them fall on my face. But, appreciate its warmth….

The colours, colours….many colours😂😂 making the sunlight….

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The Sky, More an Art

I have no words to say this time🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️….Watch yourself….

How the sky slowly completes its painting😱😱…


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The Mesmerising Moon

And who doesn’t believe a smile is the most beautiful thing!!!😊😊

The sun hasn’t gone away till now, his beams are still getting dispersed through the sky. It’s a beautiful meeting of the sun and moon.

The beamish smile of the moon will surely bring a beautiful curve on your lips….

And hope you able to see a tiny star witnessing your smile😇😇….

The brilliant blue sky and the silvery shiny moon❤❤

She’s half and incomplete but actually in preparation of her full appearance.

The same is life, it’s half and incomplete, but actually preparing for a goal.✌✌

Neither my lens and neither the words are enough to describe the nature and its beauty but, yeah an effort and a try.😁😁

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The Sunset Sky

He faded away leaving behind some shades of gray and orange.

The gray shades, as he moves away from the chaotic world signifies a sense of relief and calmness. The shade being motionless and emotionless leaving the sky, does not energize, rejuvenate or excite.

Moreover he leaves behind hot shade of orange giving his last sensation of heat. Also, symbolizing energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth, and good health to his Earthy people. It also represents enthusiasm that he will come again even with more glory.

Thus, creating an elegant painting on the canvas of sky.